sending parameters more than 65*65*65 (+10€)
Minimum weight
0 kg

Weight limit
0 kg

B*H*L max 65 cm

Specify the country the sender and the recipient country
Incorrect weight parcels
Weight parcel does not meet the acceptable values
Amount: € + € and insurance fee
Estimated delivery time: from before days

This service will help you find out the estimated cost of delivery of your shipment. Quite simply, the only thing you need to know exactly, because it is weight of the parcel. If your administration does not comply with specified size and weight, the screen you will see a message that the weight you entered does not correspond to the range in this direction.

Shaping the package, remember that the object of transfer is one indivisible whole. Over and above the allowable weight is divided into two or more parcels depending on weight. Payment must be made for all items

If it is impossible to calculate the cost and time of delivery yourself, please contact our mail operator for individual calculation!




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